A Far infrared sauna like the one above can be purchased from Amazon.com for approximately $175.

Getting in a sauna helps to pull toxins from your body, just be careful to discuss with your physician first.  Be mindful of starting slow until your body adjusts.

Drinking TONS of lemon water helps to remove toxins by excretion.  Apple cider vinegar baths also help!  (Soak in 1/2 gallon of ACV to a very warm bath for 30 minutes every other day)

Foodsthat help detoxify are listed below.  We cannot stress enough how much detoxing will improve your well-being.

What works for one might not work for another.  Regardless of whether you choose antibiotics or herbals, you will still need to DETOX your body due to the release of neurotoxins as pathogens are killed. 

In layman's terms, as the bugs "die off" in your system, they create toxins within your body that wreck havoc!!  This die off creates stomach issues, etc.  Detoxing is the easy part!  You just have to do it on a regular basis!!!

Lyme disease may require hefty doses of antibiotics for a long time if not caught immediately.  A rule of thumb that is followed by many Lyme-literate medical doctors (LLMD) operating under the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) is to treat for two months beyond resolution of a person's symptoms.  Treatment must be a multi-tiered, multi-layered approach.  Chronic Lyme disease involves an infection with the Borrelia bacteria, and that Borrelia can exist in three different forms -- as a spirochete, a cell-wall deficient form and a cyst form.

Lyme disease also involves different microbes known as co-infections, including Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Brucella and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.   Mycoplasma is another common microbe in Lyme patients.  These co-infectons must be addresses IN ADDITION to the Borrelia.

The third factor to consider when treating Lyme disease is the possibility of Herxheimer reactions, aka "Herx".  Herxing refers to a temporary worsening of symptoms, caused by the release of neurotoxins as pathogens are killed.  It is the pathogens themselves that release the neurotoxins, but it becomes the task of the body to detoxify and excrete them.

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Testing for Lyme Disease

This video can typically be rented at your local library or ordered from Amazon.com.

There is now available a second part, Emergence!

Antiobiotics vs Natural Treatment

First of all, TESTING for Lyme disease is tricky!  The process of better testing is currently underway so often times physicians must treat clinically, based on your symptoms.  IGenex Lab testing is a great resource!  You can call (650-424-1191) and order their FREE test kit for lyme, have your blood drawn at your general practitioner or any local lab, and send the blood to IGenex Lab.  They will send the results to your doctor. 

Treatment Considerations       Antiobiotics vs. Natural Means

Detox Options

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